Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fattitude: A Body Positive Documentary

A great project that you should back. You can give as little as $1, which might not seem like much, but $1 from several hundred people adds up. Like they say, every penny counts, in this case $1.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Best singing priest in Ireland! Fr Ray Kelly Singing Hallelujah!

I just have to say WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Puttering along

The Moscowrade show was fun, tho didn't sell much. I did make $10 for ATVP. I now have several pins and the new mobiles I need to get photos of so I can post them to my Etsy shop.

Speaking of Etsy, I am now selling desktop wallpaper thru my shop. They are instant downloads, sent within 24 hours as soon as payment is made. Been having fun processing photos for them.

Tried to donate blood yesterday, no go. Seems that even tho I was drinking enough water to drown a horse I am not staying hydrated enough for my veins to be viable. ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!! I think my gluten intolerance has struck again. When I was first diagnosed we figured the damage done to my gut was keeping me from absorbing water like I should. I think that is happening again. So have to be a lot more vigilant in regards to gluten contamination to see if even the tiny amounts I occasionally get is doing damage.

Weather is FINALLY getting nicer, beautiful the last couple of days, cooler the rest of the week, but hopefully getting even nicer soon. Have to get out and dig in my flower garden. My neighbor is helping out and I am finally accepting I can't do it all myself, knees just can't handle it. So will leave all the heavy digging to my neighbor and do what I can.
I neglected the flower beds last year and the bunch grass took over. I just may have to have the whole bead dug up and start all over again.

Really haven't missed extended cable since rolling back to basic. I am not really missing my regular network shows since we've trying to find a stable TV viewer (the media machine is XP and Windows Media Center is nice, but sure as heck ain't paying for the new version that should have come free with our Windows 8 machine) and while we have been good at recording the races, I am a wee bit behind on Castle, et al. Ah well, between Netflix, AcornTV and Amazon we have plenty of viewing material. Including the DVDs of Game of Thrones I checked from the library.


Actually, here is MY before picture:

And here are MY afters LOL:

I was always a chubby child, tho in retrospect I really wasn't that chubby, I just was a bit larger than most of the other kids, even when I was actually skinny. When I hit puberty I got my adult body, but because my weight was 125-130 pounds instead of the 105-110 pounds the current wisdom of the day said I should be I was told I was fat.

I was active, I biked all over town, played sports, spent most days outside or goofing off at a friend's place where she had a horse I could ride and all that stuff.

But I was "FAT!"


I managed to avoid the diet trap in high school, tho I did get hauled in for thyroid tests because people thought I was FAT from hypothyroid. Surprise, I wasn't, but the doctor wanted to put me on anti-thyroid pills to kick my thyroid into overdrive so I could lose weight. Thanks to my father, who never had a problem with my weight (helps the women in his family were on the plus side) that idea was jettisoned along with the pills the doc gave me.

I got on the diet-go-round in college, not surprising since I was living in the dorms with a lot of other women, many of whom were on diets. I was pretty successful losing weight, tho it kept coming back and bringing friends.

I continued after I graduated and of course the yo-yoing continued so when I finally came to my senses I was at my highest weight ever at that point (the ups and downs I've had since the Graves Disease kicked in are a matter for another time), I pegged out at 250 lbs.

But once I decided I no longer wanted to be on the diet-go-round I discovered I was no longer at war with my body. I started living the life I wanted and stopped waiting until I lost X number of pounds.

I am happy with my size, happy with my life, happy with my husband who loves me and doing what I like, when I like even if I am FAT LOL!

If I had never dieted, I still would have been FAT as far as society is concerned. Well, Society, you are hereby directed to attempt an airborne indecent assault at a perambulating, perforated pastry.

I will live my FAT life as I please.

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Fat Babe Designs: Not Your Before Photo #NOTYOURBEFOREPHOTO: It's been a week for my little ole blog! Sunday, I posted a rant about how  someone stole my fatkini photo and used it in a diet ad . M...

Monday, March 31, 2014


Coming up this Saturday April 5th:

This coming Saturday the 5th is The 4th Annual Moscowrade Wearable Art Fashion Show that will raise money for Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse. I have several mobiles on display and will be selling my jewelry there. 10% of what I make will be donated to ATVP. The show will he held at the old Subaru dealership 525 W 3rd St in Moscow. Wine & beer tasting at 7pm, fashion show at 8pm. Tickets are $12 for the general public and $10 for students. You can buy tickets ahead of time at Antiques by Russ 212 S Main Moscow.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Canada Geese

We seem to have a bonded pair hanging out near our house on the South Fork of the Palouse River. Hope they hang around to have the goslings here.