Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Holiday season is upon us!

Friday is Halloween, may or may not have a trick or treater. The neighbor up the hill has a grandson coming by, so need to find out when he will be coming thru. If before 6pm, hubby can be on hand to pass out candy. If not, we are planning on attending Tubaween right after work. If so I will give my neighbor J the candy to make sure he isn't shortchanged on the Halloween loot LOL!!

Just reserved a table for the Pop Up Artisan Craft Market that is being run by The Creative Shop & Studio co-op in Lewiston. I will have a table on Dec 6 and the market runs from 10am-4pm. Location will be 301 Main Suite 101 in Downtown Lewiston's Morgan's Alley where their co-op is located.

I am almost set for the Nov 8 Winter Market 10am-2pm here in Moscow at the 1912 Center. Just talked to them about where I want to have a table, so we are good to go. Will spend sometime this weekend getting some new pieces done, or at least started to work on over the week. Will have everything staged and ready to pack in the van after work on the Friday before.

Soon it will be time to start planning Turkey Day, have in mind a couple of different recipes this year for side dishes. Can't wait to start cooking the bird and looking forward to LOTS of leftovers. My mom and aunt will be coming down for part of the week and we'll have a friend or two also attending.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday, Monday

Thankfully a nice sunny day today. Wore my purple sparklie shirt just to make things even better. Sparklies make everything better LOL!

A nice weekend. Got the van cleaned out and one of the back seats reinstalled. Cleaned up a goodly portion of the deck in anticipation of moving the little deep freeze out there when the 2nd fridge arrives (was supposed to be a 2nd deep freezer, but things happened so will be getting a larger fridge, a double sided one).

Got our neighbor D to help with all the heavy lifting, esp as we also took the AC units out of windows and got those stashed in the shed. So part way there on the winterization of the house. Supposed to be a mild winter, which will be good on our electric bills, not so good for water next summer if there isn't a decent snowpack this year.

Still playing with GIMP for photos on my deviantART:

Will see about offering some of these thru my Etsy photography shop as downloadables for prints and as computer wallpaper.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rolling along

My cookbook is now offered on several sites. Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple and a few other places along with Smashwords. Sales are going slowly, but hopefully will pick up soon.

My first article for Home&Harvest Magazine has been submitted, along with pictures and a recipe from my cookbook. Issue is due to hit the racks in a few weeks! The article is beginner geocaching on the Palouse. Second article for the December issue is about 2/3 written. Planning on future articles using geocaching as a way to find the little hidden gems around the Palouse most people who live here forget about.

Got my paperwork for Winter Market, I only got a table for one of the days I wanted, so will be at the 1912 Center on November 8, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Have to dig up the paperwork for another venue and get that off ASAP so I can have a table there.

Ordered cufflink blanks, so will be making several sets of cufflink/tie pin sets with keys off the keyboards I have stripped down. Have some really cool small heat sinks that will make nice cufflinks also. Letting a few of my listings on my Etsy shop expire for a while, at least until after the Winter Market so if I sell any of those there it will be easier to delete the listings without panicking LOL. I can always re-list them later. Do have to see about getting the new stuff listed soon.

Having fun exploring more ways to use GIMP for my photos:

I have these and several more available thru my deviantART account.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

I did it!

I now have a published cookbook! Finished it last night, uploaded and published thru Smashwords before I had a chance to chicken out.

So it is live and for sale for $1.99:

JeanC’s Kitchen Gluten Free Cookbook: Favorite recipes, now gluten free.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hooo boy!

Today is the last day of September and the rest of my year isn't going to slow down too terribly much.

The person behind HaveHeart Magazine has a new publication coming out, a monthly print magazine called Home&Harvest Magazine that will be focusing on the Palouse.

Guess who is writing for it?

Yeah, me LOL!

Let's see, trying to finish writing an e-cookbook to publish, married, work full-time, have my jewelry and art business and now I will be contributing to a magazine once a month.

I AM NUTS!!!!!!!

Looking forward to it tho, it is a great reason to get out and about again with my camera and do more exploring the Palouse while documenting it all.

First issue is out in November, so will be starting this soon.

In other news, Selena Jude is settling in, tho she is still skittish. She is sleeping on the bed with us and usually walks down the hallway instead of running. Still have to work on getting her to come to us when we are sitting in the living room and not running away when we go to open the door for her to go out. Getting WAY too cold to be leaving the door open all the time. Still haven't been able to get her to use the kitty window, have to really work on that, tho it will soon be time to close that up for the winter.

I've my application for Winter Market, just waiting to hear back. They are jurying the vendors this year, it shouldn't be a problem I have such a niche market that I doubt I have competition from anyone else. Have to put in for a couple smaller holiday venues, will get that done in the next few weeks and then I can get my calendar set for the rest of the year.

Thursday, September 04, 2014


What a difference a prescription strength anti-inflammatory makes in one day. Got my doc to prescribe me some heavy duty ones as the over the counter ones just weren't cutting it with the pain in my heels. Once I get the inflammation under control, will got back to the more natural methods to keep it from flaring up again. Turmeric, tai chi and yoga should do the trick.

Thyroid levels still under control, so the long term low dosage anti-thyroid regimen is doing the trick nicely.

It has been a week. We had planned on sending Scrapper across the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday as the vet didn't think anything could be done about the tumor in his mouth and what ever else is going with him. She gave him a dose of steroids to get him thru the weekend so everyone could say goodbye. Little snot perked up and has been eating everyone out of house and home since. So we decided to hold off for now as he is pretty much back to his old self. Now we just need to see about what else to do for him. Definitely need to get a supply of the steroids for him.

Earlier on Tuesday I discovered one can always experience a reaction to donating blood. FINALLY was able to get my veins to cooperate, filled the bag in 6 and a half minutes and was ready to go. Sitting and drinking some juice and eating a snack and WHAM!!!!!!!!!!

Started getting hot, couldn't hear a thing and was thinking that a rapid descent to the floor would be a really good idea. Luckily the techs noticed and I was not allowed to leave for about an hour while we worked on getting me back up to snuff. Last time I experienced anything like that was in Jr High when I thought running up and down the trails at Girl Scout camp at altitudes of over 7000 ft was a fine idea. NOT!!!!!!!!

But I finally had a successful donation this year, so it was worth it. Just hope it doesn't happen again, it ain't pleasant.

Slugged about all weekend, felt good. Weather has gotten chilly, been tuning on the electric mattress pad the last couple of nights and turning the heat on in the morning.

Selene Jude is still very skittish. When we can get a hold of her she is a total love bug, but getting hold of her is a trick. Have gotten her to come close a few times, but then off she goes. Did have her playing with the kitty tormentor last night (laser pointer). Do have to catch her to get her claws trimmed, she kept sticking to the carpet.

Monday, September 01, 2014

My Grandmother’s Hands

I have an expanded version of an essay I did a while back when I realized I had my grandmothers' hands. It is now online at HaveHeart Magazine, a new online magazine.

My Grandmother’s Hands

"I’m not sure when it happened, but I looked at my hands one day and realized they weren’t my own anymore, they were my grandmother’s. When I was younger my hands were smooth and unscarred. They would always be my hands, me, and no one else’s. Then I started noticing other things, the fine lines on my lips, the little wrinkles around my eyes. When did that happen? When you are young, everyone is old and you never imagine you will also be old someday. So waking up to my grandmother’s hands was a bit of a shock. I never noticed I was getting old. Doesn’t help when your brain keeps insisting you are still in your 20s!

What happened?"