Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Holidays are in full swing!

Had a very nice Thanksgiving, everything came out perfectly and it was a nice relaxing time visiting with my mom and aunt. LOTS of turkey leftovers, so hubby is a happy camper.

Started building the Dead Tree Edition Yule tree on Friday, took a few days as I would get to a point, look at it and take part of it down as the structure was iffy. But finally got it done and decorated this weekend:

This years Dead Tree Edition Yule tree

Still a bit more decoration needed in the living room, did the buffet last night. Need to add more to the shelf over the couch. I've lights and garland up, need to add some more.

This Saturday is the Pop-up Winter Market at the Creative Shop in Lewiston. 10am-4pm in the Morgan's Alley building downtown. Can't wait.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ticking along

So Friday night I was gifted with a bag of "they have to be used NOW!" potatoes from my next door neighbor. Just the right amount needed for turkey day mashed potatoes. So go those cooked up and made and in the freezer on Saturday. Also made pumpkin pies and baked yams on Saturday.

Sunday I discovered I have plenty of GF bread bits and pieces I didn't have to bake any for the mushroom and leek bread pudding I am making for my dressing side dish. So I baked up a double batch of GF dinner rolls and they almost didn't make it to the freezer. They were so yummy fresh and warm out of the oven with some butter. Looking forward to them with butter, turkey and gravy on them.

Got most of the kitchen in order, still have a couple clutter spots (the kitchen table for one) to clear and figure out where things like my vacuum sealer are going to get stored since I lost my shelving space. I will leave it out for now to vac seal turkey leftovers this weekend. We'd picked up a 10 lb chub of ground beef when we went turkey hunting on Saturday (bagged an almost 24# bird, hubby is happy), so 3 lbs of it got turned into burger patties and stashed in the freezer. the other 6 pounds got packaged and vac sealed for long term storage for meals next month.

I am liking the 2nd fridge. One, it is nice to not have to crawl on my hands and knees to see what are at the back of the bottom shelves. I will use the old fridge for longer term storage of things like refrigerator pickles and onions and such that hubby likes. I will look at putting some up this next month so he can have yummy extras with his lunches.

Mom arrives in town today, my aunt will be coming down in a day or two. It will be nice to see them.

Monday, November 17, 2014

I say again. BBBBBRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankfully the weather looks to be warming up by the end of the week, so that is good. My mom and aunt will be coming into town next week, so that will be nice.

Time to start getting ready for turkey day, I am so not ready for it, have to finish menu planning. Tho that won't be hard, just have to decide on what new dish to try out. Looking at a leek and mushroom bread pudding (gluten free of course) so I can have something to go with turkey while everyone else can have regular crock pot dressing.

Now have a 2nd refrigerator installed in the kitchen. Lost a lot more shelving and storage than I thought I would. Have to get creative with storage now. Also gives me a reason to jettison a number of small appliances I really don't use anymore and that took up valuable real estate. Got a nice pile of things by the front door awaiting the trip to the Hope Center.

This one is a side by side. We've disconnected the electronics for the freezer door since the ice maker or something in it didn't work. We've the ice make in the other freezer, so don't need a 2nd (at least this winter). Took the ice maker out and that give me tall storage on that top shelf.

So the sorting of the deep freeze has started and reorganization of all 3 freezers has begun. It will also be nice to have more fridge room, esp when I am doing a big cooking project, like turkey day. It is also nice to have a fridge I don't have to get now on my hands and knees just to find out what is on the bottom shelf for a change LOL!

Went to my monthly Palouse Women Artists meeting yesterday. So many women there, it was wonderful. The energy generated was fantastic. LOTS of shows and events coming up, so gotta get started on those.

Will be doing my dead tree edition Yule tree again this year. Will start on building it early so I can play around with the structure a bit before decorating it. Want to see how tall I can build it. Once turkey day is over, the decorating begins!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


So glad I have the winterization of the house pretty much done, it has gotten a tad bit chilly this week. Hubby thinks with the wind chill this morning it was close to 0F when he went out to run the flags up.

Had a good weekend. Made enough to cover my table at the market and pay for a table at the Company Town Christmas Craft Sale in Potlatch on Dec 13. More details later.

Right after the Market on Saturday we headed down to Lewiston for a quick shop. Needless to say I was pretty well wiped out by the time we got home. Sunday was a VERY low energy day. Only things I had on the schedule was finish up the winterization of the house. Spent most of the day curled up watching Acorn.tv and Netflix.

Gearing up for Turkey day, need to go thru and see what new recipes I want to try this year. I liked the way the bird came out last year just stuffed with onions, lemons and herbs, will do so again. I've come across a few new side dishes, so will see which ones I want to do.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Couple more days to go!

Got a number of cufflinks made. Here are 4 sets I got from the little heatsinks from a video card:


I have a couple cufflink/tie tack sets made from some keys off of keyboards. Will probably make a few more pair of keyboard key cufflinks to sell.

Still anxiously awaiting Friday to see what my name looks like on a magazine byline LOL! Can't wait to see which set of pictures they used for the article. I really wish they would give us a sneak peek.

Winco had porketta roasted on sale the other night. Picked up a twin pack and tossed one in the slow cooker this morning for an easy supper. Will do up some noodles of some kind to go with it. I love easy dinners.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Holiday season is upon us!

Friday is Halloween, may or may not have a trick or treater. The neighbor up the hill has a grandson coming by, so need to find out when he will be coming thru. If before 6pm, hubby can be on hand to pass out candy. If not, we are planning on attending Tubaween right after work. If so I will give my neighbor J the candy to make sure he isn't shortchanged on the Halloween loot LOL!!

Just reserved a table for the Pop Up Artisan Craft Market that is being run by The Creative Shop & Studio co-op in Lewiston. I will have a table on Dec 6 and the market runs from 10am-4pm. Location will be 301 Main Suite 101 in Downtown Lewiston's Morgan's Alley where their co-op is located.

I am almost set for the Nov 8 Winter Market 10am-2pm here in Moscow at the 1912 Center. Just talked to them about where I want to have a table, so we are good to go. Will spend sometime this weekend getting some new pieces done, or at least started to work on over the week. Will have everything staged and ready to pack in the van after work on the Friday before.

Soon it will be time to start planning Turkey Day, have in mind a couple of different recipes this year for side dishes. Can't wait to start cooking the bird and looking forward to LOTS of leftovers. My mom and aunt will be coming down for part of the week and we'll have a friend or two also attending.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday, Monday

Thankfully a nice sunny day today. Wore my purple sparklie shirt just to make things even better. Sparklies make everything better LOL!

A nice weekend. Got the van cleaned out and one of the back seats reinstalled. Cleaned up a goodly portion of the deck in anticipation of moving the little deep freeze out there when the 2nd fridge arrives (was supposed to be a 2nd deep freezer, but things happened so will be getting a larger fridge, a double sided one).

Got our neighbor D to help with all the heavy lifting, esp as we also took the AC units out of windows and got those stashed in the shed. So part way there on the winterization of the house. Supposed to be a mild winter, which will be good on our electric bills, not so good for water next summer if there isn't a decent snowpack this year.

Still playing with GIMP for photos on my deviantART:

Will see about offering some of these thru my Etsy photography shop as downloadables for prints and as computer wallpaper.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rolling along

My cookbook is now offered on several sites. Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple and a few other places along with Smashwords. Sales are going slowly, but hopefully will pick up soon.

My first article for Home&Harvest Magazine has been submitted, along with pictures and a recipe from my cookbook. Issue is due to hit the racks in a few weeks! The article is beginner geocaching on the Palouse. Second article for the December issue is about 2/3 written. Planning on future articles using geocaching as a way to find the little hidden gems around the Palouse most people who live here forget about.

Got my paperwork for Winter Market, I only got a table for one of the days I wanted, so will be at the 1912 Center on November 8, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Have to dig up the paperwork for another venue and get that off ASAP so I can have a table there.

Ordered cufflink blanks, so will be making several sets of cufflink/tie pin sets with keys off the keyboards I have stripped down. Have some really cool small heat sinks that will make nice cufflinks also. Letting a few of my listings on my Etsy shop expire for a while, at least until after the Winter Market so if I sell any of those there it will be easier to delete the listings without panicking LOL. I can always re-list them later. Do have to see about getting the new stuff listed soon.

Having fun exploring more ways to use GIMP for my photos:

I have these and several more available thru my deviantART account.