Thursday, September 04, 2014


What a difference a prescription strength anti-inflammatory makes in one day. Got my doc to prescribe me some heavy duty ones as the over the counter ones just weren't cutting it with the pain in my heels. Once I get the inflammation under control, will got back to the more natural methods to keep it from flaring up again. Turmeric, tai chi and yoga should do the trick.

Thyroid levels still under control, so the long term low dosage anti-thyroid regimen is doing the trick nicely.

It has been a week. We had planned on sending Scrapper across the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday as the vet didn't think anything could be done about the tumor in his mouth and what ever else is going with him. She gave him a dose of steroids to get him thru the weekend so everyone could say goodbye. Little snot perked up and has been eating everyone out of house and home since. So we decided to hold off for now as he is pretty much back to his old self. Now we just need to see about what else to do for him. Definitely need to get a supply of the steroids for him.

Earlier on Tuesday I discovered one can always experience a reaction to donating blood. FINALLY was able to get my veins to cooperate, filled the bag in 6 and a half minutes and was ready to go. Sitting and drinking some juice and eating a snack and WHAM!!!!!!!!!!

Started getting hot, couldn't hear a thing and was thinking that a rapid descent to the floor would be a really good idea. Luckily the techs noticed and I was not allowed to leave for about an hour while we worked on getting me back up to snuff. Last time I experienced anything like that was in Jr High when I thought running up and down the trails at Girl Scout camp at altitudes of over 7000 ft was a fine idea. NOT!!!!!!!!

But I finally had a successful donation this year, so it was worth it. Just hope it doesn't happen again, it ain't pleasant.

Slugged about all weekend, felt good. Weather has gotten chilly, been tuning on the electric mattress pad the last couple of nights and turning the heat on in the morning.

Selene Jude is still very skittish. When we can get a hold of her she is a total love bug, but getting hold of her is a trick. Have gotten her to come close a few times, but then off she goes. Did have her playing with the kitty tormentor last night (laser pointer). Do have to catch her to get her claws trimmed, she kept sticking to the carpet.

Monday, September 01, 2014

My Grandmother’s Hands

I have an expanded version of an essay I did a while back when I realized I had my grandmothers' hands. It is now online at HaveHeart Magazine, a new online magazine.

My Grandmother’s Hands

"I’m not sure when it happened, but I looked at my hands one day and realized they weren’t my own anymore, they were my grandmother’s. When I was younger my hands were smooth and unscarred. They would always be my hands, me, and no one else’s. Then I started noticing other things, the fine lines on my lips, the little wrinkles around my eyes. When did that happen? When you are young, everyone is old and you never imagine you will also be old someday. So waking up to my grandmother’s hands was a bit of a shock. I never noticed I was getting old. Doesn’t help when your brain keeps insisting you are still in your 20s!

What happened?"

Friday, August 29, 2014

Having fun

Got back to my deviantART account and have been playing with their paint program:

Still pretty basic with it, but it is a cool option for doodling on long winters nights.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Selene Jude

A somewhat better pic of her as I was giving her skritches under the headboard last night:

Monday, August 25, 2014

And it begins again

Students are back, in droves, so everywhere in town is busy, busy. So far haven't run into any problems other than it takes an extra 10 minutes to get across town at times.

Saw hubby's surgeon this morning, he'd had cervical surgery a couple weeks back and he is on track with healing quite nicely. He's been cleared to drive again so I can go back to being chauffeured everywhere I go LOL!!

Puttering along at the house, we've been working on bonding with the new kitty (yes, ANOTHER new kitty, her people had to move and simply could not take her with them and they wanted to make sure she was re-homed in a good home). She still doesn't come up to us and doesn't ZOOOOMMMM!!! from the room when we come in. Haven't been able to get any decent photos of her, but here are a couple:

She had been a feral, but is now 3 years old and edited. When they were able to finally catch her to bring in they discovered her tail would have to be amputated, so she has a little itty bitty nub of a tail. She is smaller than Phoebe and green eyes instead of gold. Her name when she came to us was Jude (her people named her after St Jude, patron saint of lost causes) and we've added Selene to it, so she is Selene Jude. Other kitties are not terribly happy, tho they are hardly ever in the house at the moment as we have the kitty access restricted until she has completely settled in.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Survived the weekend

Pride was a blast, but I think I am going to have to see about having an assistant for outdoor venues. I was a wreck by the time things were over and taking everything down. Luckily there were some strong bodies when we got there to help set up the pavilion and haul the old school table out of the van. It is HEAVY!!!!! Had a bit of help getting the table into the van and someone stopped by to help take down the pavilion. I love helpful young people :)

Made some money and gave out quite a few cards. Gave cards to the guy who bought the mobile last year, he says he has people stopping by his office and wanting to know where he got it. I really do need to get good pics of the others posted.

Got plenty of cold, cooked chicken and pork on had for this week, also rice, broccoli and other veg for salads. We are supposed to have a bit of a cool down starting in a couple days, but that is for thunderstorms and we are tinder dry. I hope we don't get anymore fires, the ones we have are more than enough and they don't need more to fight. They have their hands full as is.

Got out last night to catch the Supermoon:

Between the harvest dust and the smoke from the wildfires the moon was a tad red. I did get some great sunset photos, will finish getting them and the photos I took at Pride processed over the next couple of days.

Thursday, August 07, 2014


2 more days to Palouse Pride, time to finish getting ready.

We are in a few days of cool down, in the 80s, so will take advantage of it tomorrow to prep things for hot weather meals. Went shopping last night, picked up broccoli and cauliflower and other veg for broccoli salad. Going to hard cook some eggs, make some pate choux and use the grill to cook up a ton of meat. Picked up a big fresh pork roast and more chicken breasts. I've still some chicken thighs and a whole fryer I will cook up also. I'll slice and dice everything and package it for the freezer so it will be easy to grab and thaw for meals.

Will make a ton of rice to stash in the freezer, found a way to cook it in the slow cooker so will use the 6 qt cooker. I will then pack in gallon freezer bags, flatten them and then they will stack in the deep freeze nicely. Will be good to have on hand for last minute fried rice.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Survived another weekend

Another warm weekend that was busier than I'd wanted (I'd brought home the new Deborah Harkness novel The Book of Life to read), but we did get things done.

Got several new display stands done, so I am on the final countdown to Pride on Saturday. Will pick up the shade pavilion on Friday and load up the van so I will be ready to go first thing Saturday morning. I like to get there as early as possible so I can have everything set up and ready so I have time to relax before the festival begins.

Finally found a new home for the queen sized futon mattress that was taking up space. Contacted the local animal shelter and they took it for a nice big dog bed. So I had my neighbor put it in the van for me and help with some boxes for the Hope Center. Dropped off the futon and a big bag of old sheets, blankets and towels at the animal shelter, then dropped off a box of knick knacks, a box of books and a bag of sheets at Hope. We have a big foam mattress pad we will drop off at Hope Center on Friday and that will help clear more room out of the bedroom.

Hubby and a friend got in and excavated his office. Put out a very full trash can this morning and we can now see surfaces in the office that haven't been seen in years!!!!! He has quite a few things that we will take to Pacific Steel recyclers next week, so those will finally be gone.

We've been contemplating getting rid of the kitty condo:

Rum Tum and Scrapper cat

When the cats use it, they use it, but they spent most of the last year ignoring it. It takes a lot of space, so I think it will be a good fit for the animal shelter for their kitties. Rum Tum has taken to sleeping on the back of my retro sofa, Phoebe and Scrapper like the cushions:

nap time

We want to build some bookshelves in that space as we REALLY need more shelves. Will also get a nice, small kitty scratching post or hidey hole they can mangle that won't take up as much room.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Almost the weekend

Got the shade pavilion lined up for Pride, so now I just need to work on the displays for my stuff.

Time left 'til Pride:

Have my article about 3/4s done. Just need to add a few more thoughts, dig out and scan some old photos and then tweak it. Can't wait to send it to the magazine for publishing.

Writing has stopped on the cookbook for the nonce, too hot to cook, so double checking and tweaking a few of the recipes will have to wait for a cool down, hopefully soon. Or at least some time I can be up late at night when it is cool and I can cook.