Sunday, December 02, 2007


I hate trying to write a paper. It is all in my head and I can't get it to write out in anything coherent.

Add on top of that I have to go in tomorrow and tell my prof a story (I'm going to do Coyote and the Green Field) and I KNOW I am going to blow it. I don't do public speaking real well and my brain tends to derail.


I wonder if he'll let me submit the story via recording. That I can deal with, post it to YouTube if it comes out well enough.

Paper is due Friday :P

Tried to come down sick this weekend. Had a 99F temp yesterday. Been popping plenty of aspirin and drinking tea. Temp is closer to normal today.

Started snowing again today. They'd been promising serious snow, finally got some. We ventured out, turned around as soon as we hit the intersection of Troy Highway and South Main and came home, it was getting too nasty. Lots of slide offs, saw one on Palouse River Dr near the intersection with Mountain View. It wasn't there 5-10 minutes before, so it had just happened.

Lost power for a bit, but it was only out for about 10-15 minutes, so we didn't get as far as bringing in the Dragon for heat. Luckily I'd already gotten the dishes pretty much done and the turkey stock was in the fridge so I didn't have to worry about the stove being off.

Started raining a while ago, it is going to be a sloppy mess in the morning. We'll take it slow and easy going into town.

Dinner tonight is roast beast, gravy and leftover dressing I'd stashed in the freezer. Have to remember to write down the things I do to improve the cheats I use (ie, the gravy).

Time t stare at a blank screen and hope the words finally come out on the page :P
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