Monday, December 17, 2007

I'll get better pics once I find my tripod

We made two forays out to Potlatch to look for a tree. Saturday they didn't have many and they all were not quite right for the living room, too tall and skinny. They were out cutting down more, so we went out again yesterday and found the perfect tree. It was a tree no one wanted. Lots of people looked at it and said it was a nice tree, then they would find another to take home.

Okay, it is a bitey tree, but it was the prefect tree for me (I am a sucker for trees no one wants), so home it came, sharp, pointy needles and all (besides, the needles should deter kitties from trying to climb LOL). I'm calling it my semi-feral tree hehehehehe.

Successful hunt

Had to use oven mitts to handle it, but once I got it decorated, it looks so purty:

Pretty tree

Pretty tree

I don't have the bottom branches decorated much, I will go thru my ornaments and see what I can put on the cats won't kill. I decided to do some tinsel, it is all up fairly high, so it should be safe. The colored LED lights look great on it. Once I find the tripod I should get better pictures since my hand moves too much. The one pic I put on top of a tea pot to rest, so the pic is taken rather low.

I did get most of the house cleaned on Sat morning, tho the vacuum cleaner quit. Poor thing overheated. We need to open up what we can and see if something is wrapped or stuck in it. We left it to cool and it started up again yesterday, but I'm afraid to run it long until we get a looksee and see what is going on with it.

I'm afraid to open my one bedroom closet tho, amazing how much you can stuff in there LOL. At least the room look presentable from the hallway. I figure over the week I am off I can attempt to get stuff where it belongs. I do need to make a serious recycling run, the recyclables are taking over a goodly portion of the kitchen.

Haven't done much cooking this weekend, been mostly pre-made hamburger patties, I do need to start going thru my deep freeze and pull some stuff out. I have some split pea soup in there that I think will be a meal some time this week and some bread dough I can thaw and then bake at some point.

Phoebe has discovered snow, tho I don't think she is sure of it yet. But Rum Tum had her out running in it by playing with her. They were playing tag for a little while yesterday. Have to get out there again with the video camera to catch it, they were so cute.
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