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Monday, April 12, 2010

One more day please!

Really could use another day of weekend to slouch around. Didn't get a whole heck of a lot done this weekend, tho the weather turned out to be not half bad. If we'd have the energy we would have gone fishing.

My neighbor gave me some red potato seed potatoes yesterday. I'll get them cut up in the next day or two and then let them air out a day or so and then I can set up my first potato bin. I need to lay my hands on some more bins as I want to get several other varieties of potatoes going. Fiddler's Ridge has some I can get, Yukon golds for sure. I do want to lay my hands on some purple potatoes as those are very yummy and a cool color.

I'm going to get my rain barrel set up this week. We've rainy weather and the lows are only in the upper 30s. I was looking at putting it up on a platform high enough so I could get decent flow for watering any containers I've either hung or have one shelves. But hubby found a nice little drill powered pump thru Harbor Freight that we are going to order (unless we happen to go up to Spokane and hit the store sometime soon), so that will help me a lot when it comes to watering my garden this year.

FINALLY going to get to go to the Boomershoot! Been wanting to go for a couple of years now (would love to go participate one of these years) and this year I'm not obligated anywhere else that weekend (except the Moscow CommUNITY Walk, but just means I will have a busy weekend taking lots of pictures of Ms Ella out and about and having fun).

Can't wait to meet a number of folk I only know from on line, like Oleg Volk, whose posters I like to feature in my side bar. Along with a few bloggers I read on a regular basis, at least several who are local that I haven't had a chance to meet in real life yet.

As mentioned, Ms Ella will be busy that weekend. She has a standing invite to the CommUNITY Walk and since we didn't go last year due to health and weather we need to go. I have a nice new cart for her and all my camera stuff that I will be sprucing up for the occasion.

For the Boomershoot I hope to get some pics of her giving it a try and with luck, pics with a number of folk.

Been watching a lot of Holmes on Homes this weekend. Love the show and I seriously want to hire Mike Holmes if we ever have a house built! He has a new series out that we don't get yet, Homes Inspections, but saw an episode on HOH where he inspected a home that the owners had inspected previously and Mike found all sorts of problems that the inspector either ignored or was an idiot and didn't notice.

Didn't do much cooking this weekend, we ended up doing a lot of cold cuts, bread and cheese, tho I did make up some chicken fingers on Saturday to nosh while watching the race. Hubby was mentioning Chicken McNuggets, but I looked up a clone recipe and that is just way too much effort. Mine taste better

Speaking of the race, stupid recording stopped with 18 laps to go. Not sure what happened. We started with an auto-record and then stopped it to do a manual record. At some point it stopped. Not sure if someone or somekitty stepped on the remote (in which case it usually pops up a message asking if you really want to stop recording) or the manual record just didn't get set right and it was on auto "end at end of program", in which case the race had run long. The system USED to have a function that if a sporting even was going to run long, the system would recognize it and add extra time when it got to one point. But Dish seems to have dropped that and it is annoying. Had to watch the last couple of laps on the computer. Bummer Jeff didn't win again, but at least he is getting close! We'll make sure the next race is set up to record properly.

Monday, June 01, 2009


And I even got to bed early.

A fairly nice weekend, got too hot to do a lot, but I did get a few things done this weekend.

We got the AC installed in the office, so hubby will stay cool. Did more painting on the boat. Sprayed on 3 layers of black:

Laid down a few coats of black

Then picked up some orange paint and I painted again on Saturday:

Tiger boat

Tiger boat

Still need to paint where the numbers are now (will do that once I get some stick on numbers) and then a clear coat over the whole thing.

Hopefully we will get it out soon and on the water, I am really needing to catch some fish. We'd hoped to go out yesterday, but hubby wasn't feeling too well.

When we picked up the paint at Tristate we also picked up a brass spigot and hubby installed it on my rain barrel, so I can now hook a hose up to it to make watering the garden easier. Now we just need some rain:

Rain barrel

Still not much sprouting in my containers. I've one lone spinach in one and just a few greens in the other:


I've re-seeded the greens containers and hopefully will get some more sprouting soon. Still waiting for my bush beans to sprout:

Bush beans and tomatoes

BTW, sorry for the over exposure on the photos. Not sure what happened, but no matter what I did to fix settings, nothing came out right this weekend.

We currently have 3 months free HBO and Showtime. When hubby mentioned all the problems we were having with our receiver and set up (our unit was dying, the replacement unit arrived dead and the replacement replacement took some time setting up), they gave us the two services.

As luck would have it, HBO ran a The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency marathon. I have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wanting to see this show, but none of my friends have HBO anymore and I thought I was going to have to settle for waiting for the DVD. Nope, watched the pilot yesterday and hubby was impressed with it. I can't wait to watch the other episodes. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who loves good stories and solid scripts. There are some changes from the original books, but they in no way detract at all. I love the books and the show.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hump day

So my move from CP to Zazzle is almost complete and I will be shutting down my CP shop there end of the month. I still need to find the originals of some of my designs, I think they may be on my Windoze machine which has been down as the power supply was borrowed for another computer. Hubby will be putting it back in soon and I can search it for the designs.

If I can't find them I will have to recreate them, but with the new graphics tablet they will be better.

We hit the fish store on Saturday, they didn't have any bristlenosed plecos, only some commons and a clown pleco. I prefer the bristlenosed, so we opted to try out some little algae eaters. We got two and they are only about an inch long right now and there is a LOT of algae, so they have their work cut out for them. I only see one at a time and they are hid to find they are so small and blend in with the backgrounds. I hope they are up fr the job.

Nelson, my surviving gold fish isn't doing too well. He sits on the bottom of the tank and looks miserable. Not sure what is wrong with him. He does get active for a little while around feeding time and when he does move, he is very quick. Do gold fish get lonely?

While at the pet shop we picked up some calming supplements so we can see about grooming Rum Tum. Tried them on him and they seem to work enough I was able to get some mats off of him without him drawing blood. We also picked up a tick collar for Phoebe. She was NOT a happy camper as we've never had a collar on her before, but she's finally figured it is okay. It is designed to be a breakaway collar so if she gets caught up, it will snap and she can get loose.

The expected nasty freeze didn't quite happen. We hit 32F this morning, not below freezing like predicted, so I am happy. Hopefully this is the last really cold bit and I can take all the inserts out of the windows and open up the back door so the kitties have a kitty escape hatch again thru the window. With luck my garden spot will finally be dry enough this weekend I can finally get some seeds in the ground. I did get the seed potatoes into the garbage can with some soil and compost, so it will be interesting to see how this experiment works out.

Got started on cleaning up my garden work area. I need to pull everything out and organize it better and finally get the greenhouse idea going. I want to set it up so I can pull the window panels down for the summer and then put back up for fall and winter. So will need to figure out how I am going to do that.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Never judge a book by it's cover

Came across this video of Susan Boyle, a contestant on Britain's "Britain's Got Talent" show via Sandy at Junkfood Science. Most talent shows and such seem to think only people who conform to the narrow standard of beauty and size can possibly have any talent and not only was the audience twittering at this not beautiful person in their eye who's dream was to be like Elaine Page, but so were the judges (Simon Cowell being one, him I was not at all surprised about from comments he is constantly making on American Idol about people's looks and how they aren't Idol material, even when they got great talent).

I wish I could embed the vid, but none of the decent quality videos had embed codes available. But click the link and grab the tissues. Susan is great. Better then great, I wish I could sing a fraction as good as her. And the look on Simon's face when she sang her first note was priceless.

ETA: Thanks to Jim at Country Comes to Town, here is the vid via Yahoo:

In other news, it's Monday. ICK!!!!!!!!!!

My tomato seedlings are all (well, so far almost all) finally making themselves known. I have seedlings of all three varieties up and I am hoping the seeds that haven't made an appearance will do so soon so I can hopefully have LOTS to plant.

My seedlings are coming up


Didn't get outside this weekend to putter. When I was ready, it was raining and when it was nice, I had other stuff to do. Oh well, this weekend is supposed to be nice, so I will get out then. I do need to get a wire shelf cut down and then both halves mounted on the outside of the porch railings so I can get some small pots of plants and flowers planted.

Baked the ham on Saturday, so I now have a ham bone stashed in the deep freeze. I've another one in there from a previous ham. I may pop the two of them into a pot to make a super rich ham stock I can then stash back in the freezer for future use. Needless to say, today's lunch is toasted ham and cheese sandwiches.

Tried an MRE yesterday. We have a friend who has access to them as surplus and has given us quite a few so we have some stashed for what ever. This one was BBQ pork "ribs" and clam chowder, some bread, cheese stuff and a darned good toffee crunch cookie. Had fun figuring out the heating mechanism, but once I did, managed to get both items needing to be heated hot with just the one heater thingy.

I must say, they weren't that bad, tho the clam chowder had a taste to it I didn't care for. Not sure if it was from the pouch or the clams. Since I don't like clams and really don't eat clam chowder I don't know why it tasted as it did. Hubby didn't notice anything, just that is tasted more peppery for his tastes.

All in all, if we were stuck having to use them it wouldn't be too unpleasant an experience.

Still enjoying the goodies from England. Took the Cadbury's Egghead hollow egg to a friend's yesterday for potluck. I also took along one of the goat milk cheddar cheeses I had picked up last time in Lewiston. Someone else brought a goat cheese Brie that was too die for. They picked it up at the Co-op and I may have to by one of my own sometime. A bit pricey at $8 for the size, but for a special treat once in a while would be worth it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Arrggghhh, Monday again.

Survived the weekend, left leg is still giving me grief, tho it isn't quite as bad this morning as it had been. Been trying to stretch it when I can and am back to being cranky about having the cane handy all the time.

Oh well.

We are babysitting a friends ratties (Beaker and Lucy) for a couple of days. She had to pop out of town for a couple of days and the one needs to have medication 3 times a day, so she couldn't just leave them with plenty of water and food. So I said I'd look after them. It is really nice having ratties around again, even for a few days. I'm still not ready to get my own again, they leave so quickly I can't handle it anymore. Maybe again someday, but not yet.

I was a bit out of practice giving the little sweetheart his meds, we ended up equally covered in tetracycline with a bit making it down his throat the first time. I got lots better after that. I did attempt to disguise it in some mashed banana and peanut butter, but he wasn't fooled (tho Lucy his cage mate thought it tasted pretty good. Had to get it away from her quickly since she didn't need the med). I put the mix in the fridge and will try him again and maybe the banana and peanut butter will have covered the med taste better by then.

Been tempting him with treats, he is very picky. Got him to eat some banana and he definitely loves tortilla chips. I put some carrot in, not sure if he went for it or not. I know Lucy did.

We got a bit of FLYing done this weekend. Cleared out the closet in the office and sorted. Some when in the trash, some went to Goodwill and the rest will either go back in the closet or out in the shed. Was going to take the extra kitty boxes in, but I had to hose them off again and spray a yellow jacket nest in one of them. So next trip.

We took a few things out to the dump, like the love seat out on the deck. The tarp shifted and it got wet and there was mold. I'd hoped to pass it along to someone else, but not in that condition.

The dump was pretty busy, the nice weather got a lot of people out. We had just dropped a bunch of stuff off at the transfer station and were in line to re-weigh and then head to the demolition section to dump the sofa.

Now there is only one lane and there is an etiquette that is involved. You take turns, one car enter, then next car exiting. We had pulled to the from of the exit line, waited for the incoming car to pull out and headed to the scale. The twit behind the incoming car proceeded to pull forward instead of waiting his turn. Hubby yelled at him, the guy said he'd waited his turn and it took an employee to get the guy to back up so we could have our turn. The entire time the twit kept smirking like he owned the world.

Pathological entitlement.

The really annoying thing is the employees in the booth should have warned the guy off in the first place instead waiting until we said something.

But we got everything we needed dumped this trip and now we can finish organizing the deck and getting it ready for winter. We need to get some more plywood to put up to enclose it again. That helped a lot last winter. I still want to figure a way to close in around the steps to keep anything blowing in from the east.

Picked my Black Krim this weekend, I'll give it a taste tonight and harvest the seeds and get them cleaned. I got a couple Black Russians from another friend and will do the same with the seeds. I am going to try and plant heirlooms as much as possible.

Kinda bummed I didn't get any painting done this weekend, the weather was good for it, but the knee and leg was not going to let me. Our friend did get our swamp cooler taken care of. Instead of taking it down, he sealed it and put steel plates where the louver plates were. He'd looked at it and taking it off would have created a bigger problem, so this solved it with not too much work. It wasn't in good enough condition to use elsewhere, it was pretty trashed. We just need to stuff a bit of insulation up from underneath and then seal off the hole in the ceiling a bit better and we should be sitting warm this winter. We'll put some stiff foam board over the back door and next spring look at building a new door with plywood and foam to replace the one there now (which is hollow) and then put in a kitty door at the bottom.

The we just need to fix the front door and we are all set.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ticking down the week

Haven't gotten hardly anything done, except going to work and then home and crashing. I do need to get back into my FLYing routines and start getting back on top of things.

Found a 2nd little tomato on my Black Krim. Both tomato plants seem to like being in the kitchen windows, so I am hopeful they will start to ripen enough I will get some seeds out of them for next spring. I need to check my Sweet 100s and see if there are anymore ripe ones and I will see about getting seeds from them also. I'm giving serious thought of seeing if I can get one to go over the winter in the house. I will see about some greens and herbs, if I can figure out how to keep the kitties from decimating them like they usually do.

I do need to sit down and plan my garden for next year, not to mention get my spaces cleaned up before the weather gets too icky.
I have found a sorta local source for worms for my compost bin, there is a place in Camas WA that sells them and since we are looking at heading out that away in a couple months for a wedding, I'll see about stopping and getting some. Then I can get my worm bin up and running, finally. In the meantime it has just been a plain composter that I really need to get emptied at it is too full and stopped composting for the most part.

Did dinner at the Chinese buffet last night, so no leftovers for lunch today. Brought some chicken soup so that will have to do. I'll see about getting some chips from the vending machine to go with it. If I thought of it I should have grabbed some of the leftover pork from the other night, but I didn't have anything to go with it, so that will have to just be dinner tonight, not sure what I'll do for a side yet. I'd taken some meaty pork ribs and seasoned them with Chinese 5 spice and some toasted sesame dressing and baked them. Came out very yummy. I served those with penne pasta tossed with olive oil and Johnny's garlic Caesar. Those leftovers I had for lunch yesterday.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

MMMMMM, nothing like a nice Sunday morning with...

a mocha cappuccino and Radio Margaritaville on the telly.

Been a very nice weekend, the hubby and I finally got out fishing on Friday afternoon. We limited out and I had a nice fresh trout dinner. Lots of wildlife out at Spring Valley, saw a turtle in the water, tho he didn't get close enough for me to get a pic. There were at least 3 osprey and one heron:


He kept making flybys, which was good as I needed to get lots of pics on continuous mode to get some good ones.

When we came back to town, we hit TriState where we picked up more spray paint for the utility trailer and a new reel for me. I'd busted my old on last season and while it still worked, it could be a pain in the butt. So I got a Quantum Snapshot and I can't wait to try it out. I've had my old reel since 1984, so it gave me a lot of good service.

Hubby's been working on a client's computer this weekend and I have been puttering about. Got my Black Krim and Brandywine tomatoes into the SWCs I made:


I'll be making upside down planters for the 3 Sweet 100s I still have to plant. I need to pick up potting soil for those. I mixed garden soil with my compost for the SWCs and still need to put some fertilzer and covers for the top to hold in the moisture.

Did a 1/2 water change on the fish tank, so I now have a good 10 gallons of fish water for my plants. I don't have room in my rain barrel, so I will just pop lids onto to the buckets and stash them out in my work area for when I need to water. I'll be working on doing smaller water changes and keeping the water so I have it for my plants. The gold fish are exceptionally poopy, so the water will be extra good LOL

We went out to dinner at the Sandpiper (the old Mark IV restaurant). Very yummy, I had the fried catfish with grilled veggies and baked potatos and hubby had the chicken fried steak. We have to go back sometime and try the Monte Cristo sandwich to see if it is any good. Hubby loves a good Monte Cristo and hasn't found a place locally that does them regularly.

Working on clearing the deck, we need to re-attach the wire for the igniter on the gas grill and I can get the bottle hooked up and see about getting that running. It will be nice to have options for cooking outside this summer. We also need to take the plywood down from the deck and see about putting up faux bamboo roll-up blinds to help shade this summer. I still want to screen it in, but that is something we can work on over the summer.

Slowly working on more designs for Purple Ducky Designs, hope to have the newest ones added later this week. I've been finding it nice to have my own Palm for righting down design ideas when ever I think of them. I'm not forgetting as many as I was.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm back, not quite dead yea LOL

Okay, finally blogging again, mentally took a vacation.

School ended on Friday, I took my final on Thursday and while I think I did okay on the multiple guess and the short answer questions, I think I blew the short essay big time. My brain just wouldn't function at that point and I couldn't come up with anything coherent (at least not to me). Oh well, as long as I did well enough to keep my B I am happy. I'm hoping at least I actually answered the question, even if I didn't write much.

Weather this last weekend was sucky, cold and windy so I didn't get ANYTHING done around the house outside. In fact it was a seriously low energy weekend. I am in desperate need to get more of the garden going and I don't like to work in icky weather. Makes me sleepy and loathe to do anything except catching up on the various races I had on the DVR (watched Talladega and Richmond, haven't watched Darlington as yet).

I have been plugging away at designs for my shop. My most recent designs are another on for my size acceptance section and the other two are for "Ladies of a certain age" hehehehehehe:




Been working on getting the house in order, managed to freecycle a few things, like the old lawn mower and another kitty litter box. I still have two litter boxes listed for offer, but so far no takers. I think I will gather up everything that isn't taken by this weekend and donate it to the Sally Ann. Last batch of things I took to charity went to Goodwill, so I want to spread thing around so everyone has a chance to make money off my old unwanted stuff.

Lawn is getting shaggy, it is about time to fire up the lawn mower and get cutting. Still need to get the blade sharpened and I do need to get a thatching blade. My lawn really needs it. I also need to figure out why the weed whacker we have doesn't want to run. May just need a new spark plug. I have to seriously tall and thick grass that needs to get chopped and the lawn mower won't do it without a serious mental breakdown.

I've been gathering up all the extra buckets and such to make planters out of so I can get some container gardening going. Still need to get my garden work area straightened up so I can work out there easier. We also need to finish rebuilding the trailer so I can see about loading up on compost, with what I have planned for my garden I am going to need LOTS of it and my little compost pile isn't going to be enough.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday (can't think of a clever title, sorry)

Sun is shining, the temps are pushing 40F and I had a fun weekend. No more long weekends for a while tho. Oh well.

Getting the video stuff sorted out, so hopefully I will be putting better quality vids up, esp the "Cooking with Jean" segments since I also want to post those to my cooking blog.

A number of the YouTube video bloggers are getting into print blogs. Backwards to how I did it, print first then video. But it all is good, makes for more interesting blogs with the various media available. I've added a couple of the YouTuber's who have blogs to my "Misc neat blogs" list (for readers of my Blogger version of this blog), Billybigun64 and Country Comes to Town, check them out.

Still trying to catch the Shadow kitten so I can put him back outside. TC showed up this morning so hubby put him in the house to eat as we didn't have time to put food out on the porch. Phoebe is happy as can be with the snow going away, she was VERY vocal yesterday about getting back outside to run around in the sun. Nicky is still being a needy little snot, doesn't need to be as I make sure he gets all the attention he can stand. I think he'll be better once he starts going back out side more now that the weather is getting warmer.

Finally checked out the space behind the deck, I was afraid there would be LOTS of water in my wheel barrow, but lucked out, there wasn't much. What there was was soaked up by the rug remnant I use for kneeling on and it was frozen, as were my gardening glove. My shears were a bit worse for wear, but I can dremel what rust there is off.

I have GOT to get serious about getting my greenhouse going, it is getting time to start looking at what I am going to get sprouted and I need space to do it. Now that we have the little trailer, I can also get compost from the county so I can start building up my beds. I would like to raise them some, I can get bricks or something at Wasankari's for a reasonable price. So have to decide which bed I will look at raising first. Probably the one around the shed, that will dress it up and look good from the road. The front flower bed will take work as I have a TON of plants I will have to dig up before I can raise it.

The rib roast came out to die for. Seriously tender and perfectly rare. The yorkshire pudding was good, tho they didn't stay popped up like they usually are, but they were still yummy (esp with a bit of brown sugar on them and then the gravy). Had leftover roast for dinner last night, a bit for lunch today and there is still a slice, tho I think I will save that for hubby. I still have one more rib roast in the deep freeze, so I can cook it up in a few weeks. Will have to seriously stock up on those next Christmas if they have them for that good a price again.

Prof posted the test results to Blackboard, not sure how she curved, but I didn't bomb completely. We'll see tomorrow what my grade actually was.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My progress on rainwater collection

Here are some photos of my set up so far.

Rain barrel:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

How much water we got the first day:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Still need to put in a downspout pipe:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thursday, June 28, 2007

One problem with Fridays

even faux Fridays is I really don't want to be at work LOL. I'd rather be anywhere except here.

Oh well.

No plans for the weekend, just puttering around. Hoping it will rain enough to soften the ground so I can start ripping grass out of several spots. I do need to work on the front strip and I would like to get the strip along the back fence dug up so I can start planting things.

I also plan on finishing weeding the one garden spot and get my lettuce and spinach re-seeded. I'm going to look for some white carrot seeds, since the transplants are not doing at all well. Everything else is doing great with the exception of one tomato plant. I think the one sweet pepper is trying to bud and it isn't very big. Have to get down and close to double check.

Here is a pic of last week's catch:


Had some fun with the macro setting:


Do need to get back into some serious photographing. Been kinda, eh, of late.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Okay, I've stopped feeling guilty.

I told hubby the cost and not only didn't he blink, he said I really deserved it. So tomorrow morning I go in for a morning of pampering :D I will definately get before and after footage and pics.

I've passed the point of no return on my class, I paid for it this morning so now I am committed. I'll buy the books tomorrow after my appointment.

Hubby picked up a new toy yesterday (part of the reason he didn't blink over my salon visit LOL), so we are (fingers crossed) going to the range today after work to make sure it is okay. We didn't make it out to Spring Valley last night and we were considering tonight, but hubby wants to try out the 1911 and I wouldn't mind trying it myself. It is a .45 and is sweet to hold. Hubby is afraid I'll really like it and claim it as my own. Semi-autos are fun, but I am a revolver girl, so it will be his (just as long as I get to shoot it once in a while if I do like it).

Getting real ancy to unseal the house completely, but temps are still dropping into the low 40s over night. Had D help me move the lid off the cold frame. I actually do have stuff growing, mostly weeds, but I do have the previously mentioned spinach and I see some of the broccoli is coming up. I do have one lettuce green growing. I'll see about serious weeding and re-seeding this weekend. I'll take the rest of the frame down and rethink it next fall.

D finished mowing the lawn for us the other night. He has a mulching mower so that should help keep what grass I do have healthier. I still need to see about a thantcher or at least a thatching blade for my mower, there are sections of the yard that are in desperate need of it.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


And I am in pain. We went to the range yesterday and while I had fun, I overdid it a bit since it was the first time we've spent anytime out shooting like that.

But we had fun and today is a low energy day, just a bit of puttering, planted some lettuce and brocoli and put some plastic on the cold frame top and managed to break another pane on it. So I stapled some plastic over that and tossed the broken glass.

We'll do steak and eggs for dinner, we've some hoagie rolls we'd gotten yesterday that we had for part of dinner last night and I will make some garlic rolls with those.

So here are the vids from yesterday. We'd hoped for more, but the webcam kept crapping out, so we only had the RCA Small Wonder.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday catsup

Yahoo Groups finally is back to normal, ie only a little fouled up instead of big time. Makes for a darned difficult time to get things done thru groups when their email servers have puked. Woke up this morning to find 300+ emails that finally got thru. Dedinately going to see about moving some of my groups over to Google now that they are offering more things for Groups.

Came screaming off the gluten-free thing big time on Friday. I'd started looping into the "diet" mentality and started going crazy. I figured I had enough data to take to my new doc to see about proper tests.

Managed to get the Scrapper cat inside most of Saturday, haven't seen him since. Really need to get him in again asap so we can get an appointmet for him and know we'll have him handy for it.

Never made it outside to even look at my garden space. Sat we'd hit the gun show for a couple hours and then it was out to Winco to pick up lasagna supplies and once the sauce was going, it was time for a nap. Sunday we spent over at friends and then home late afternoon. It was way too cold on Sunday anyways to try and do anything outside. So maybe next weekend.

Cold today, currently 25F and light fog. BBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

YAY!!!! FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Finally and it is a nice day out. Currently 26F and sunny. The car was a bit frosted this morning, but the frost was soft, so scrapping the windows wasn't bad and the defroster did the rest.

Scrapper cat showed up for breakfast this morning. Hubby had seen him previously to feed him, but I hadn't. His left ear is a bit chewed up so he got into it with someone. SIGH! Well, with luck we can get him edited soon and half that problem will go away.

Hubby was craving orange chicken last night, so we hit Winco to see what we could find. Not seasoning packets or bottles of orange sauce, so we picked up a General Tsao's seasoning packet. No gluten in the packet, I used GF flour, but unfortunately the soy sauce I had at home contains wheat. Okay, thinks I, I only need 3 tbs, shouldn't be a problem.


Spent most of the evening with a bloated tummy and not feeling that great. The chicken was to die for, tho a little bit more spicy then I normally eat (and LOTS more spicy then hubby eats), but a little milk to sip helped cut the heat.

So I definately have some data to take to the new doc to see about getting my food allergies/intolerances tested properly to see what is what. The pain in my knees is definately reduced and I've gone back to wearing my sneakers.

FLYing is getting easier, even if I don't get one day's dishes done that night, I can get them done while cooking dinner the next night AND wash the stuff as I use it. So my sink has been pretty shiny every night and that makes walking out into the kitchen the next morning so much nicer. The kitchen is looking better also, tho I still have a few spots that need work. The fridge is slowly getting cleaned out, I've come across a few containers that launched dialogues about independence LOL. Landry is getting caught up also. I do need to work on cleaning up the bedroom again, I turned my back and it is clutter city. My toes would appreciate it getting cleaned.

With the weather getting so nice I'm really getting the gardening bug. I've got to figure a way to get something going. If the snow is sufficiently gone from the one garden spot, I think I will sow some spinach seeds and put the top on the cold frame and see how things go this weekend. Just need to get someone to help me move the top over. I do want to get some tomatos going early as soon as I can, along with bell peppers and anything else I can think of.

Friday, January 19, 2007

An experiment

Decided to go a week gluten free starting tomorrow. I've been getting these little niggling thoughts in the back of my brain for a while and have been checking symptoms of celiac's and a good many of them I am having. The thing being is the symptoms can also be a sign of something else, but decided to see what going off gluten says.

There is a slight outside chance of developing celiac's, a high number of Graves' patients have been diagnosed with it. Having one autoimmune disorder leaves you open to developing another, so one needs to be really in tune with ones bod for anything out of the ordinary.

Luckily I have a small supply of gluten free mixes I'd gotten on Freecycle so I could have stuff to feed friends, so I won't be completely devoid of things I like, like mac & cheese. I also have half a package of Bob's Red Mill gluten free flour so I can have my pancakes this weekend.

If it looks like I improve on a gluten free diet, I can have my new doc check me (there are tests) to see if it is celiacs, or if I am really lucky I am just be simply intolerant and need to only cut back on the amount I eat and can still enjoy my favorite dishes, only not as often. I'm mildly lactose intolerant and as long as I don't go overboard on cheese and milk and such can avoid the ickies.

Speaking of new doc, I have my appointment for Feb 12th to see him. I just got the patient packet yesterday and I will add my adaptation of the "fat" letter to the doctor written by Hanne Blank, along with a copy of the Health at Every Size tenets so he will know exactly where I stand on the issue when I take it in for the first visit.

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

No plans this weekend, just stay home and putter about the house. I'll look at making a big pot of bean soup so I will have something good to bring for lunch next week since I won't be able to have my sandwiches. Rats, just realized some of my pre-packaged chicken dishes I made are made with gravy/seasoning packets with wheat/gluten in them. Luckily I do have plenty of chicken that is plain. Have to see how well teff flour does for making chicken nuggets since I've been having a craving for those for a while. If it turns out I'll definately write about it and post the recipe on my food blog. Double rats, just realized I can't make a beer batter either. Oh well, I have plenty of club soda that will work for the batter.

Haven't seen the Scrapper kitty for a couple of days, tho I know he is hanging around as he is eating his kitty food. Haven't been too worried about him being outside again at night, the single digit temps have gone away, tho I would like to keep bringing him in just to let him knows he is welcome in the house. Still waiting to get the coupon for getting him edited and then I really need to make sure I keep him in the house so he'll be available to take to the vet.

Starting to get ansy to do some gardening, even if there is 6 inches of snow on the ground. Now I'm really kicking myself for A) not finishing the cold frame and B) not getting the greenhouse built. Well, if the snow gos away in the next month and it isn't too cold on the weekends I can see what I can do about the greenhouse. I still have ideas of how to use all the windows I scored off of Freecycle for it. I do want to get an early start on gardening if at all possible. All I really have to do with the cold frame is put the top on and figure out a away to prop it open when I need to.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Semi-busy Saturday

We have hubby's Minion over. He came over last night to watch the new Doctor Who and then stay the night. He's hubby's Evil Genius in Training.

So I made Taco Soup in the crockpot. I have a friend of mine over also, so we had a nice evening. The Minion is about 13, so we did have to explain a lot of concepts and the history of Dr Who.

This morning I made pancakes with gluten free flour using a modified recipe out of my 1950s Betty Crocker cookbook (slightly different amounts f things, I didn't care for the origianl measurements). Came out very yummy, I used Bob's Red Mill GF flour. Have to see if the Coop has similar flour in bulk so I can start using it in more of my recipes. I think it will make a killer crepes as it has a vry nice nutty flavor to it.

We finally got the new chop saw set up, it is going to do the trick. I can't wait to start working on stuff.

Finally finished moving my compost pile over. I also added all the ashes from the charcol grill and that will get bagged for the winter. I'll keep the gas grill handy tho.

Is very warm today and my tomatos are loving it. I've got a lot more ripening on the vine and I'll probably be picking more tomorrow to preserve some way for this winter.

Need to finish getting the deck cleaned up, at some point we need to take the Minion back to his parents and I do need to finalize plans for my green house and cold frame. At some point I also need to get homework done hehehehehe.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ketchup time

It is finally raining, not real heavy only a light drizzle so far. With luck we'll get lots more soon, it is nice to finally be able to breathe without all the smoke in the air.

Class is going fine, I'm actually starting to understand some of what I am reading. I'm so not looking forward to giving my presentation on the article I've chosen, but am giving serious consideration of a crash course in powerpoint so they are looking at the screen and not me LOL. It doesn't have to be long, 10-15 minutes with a few minutes of Q&A so we'll see.

Weekend was entirely too short. Having the furnace on the fritz didn't help at all. We found a burnt wire and replaced it, but that didn't fix it, so we had to have the repair guy in anyways. Turns out there were about 5-6 more wires and a fried sequencer that had to be replaced. So this monring we woke up to a warm toasty house and a very quiet furnace. Luckily we did have the Dragon for most of the weekend, tho I did pull in the window inserts and got those in the living room windows, so that helped a bit.

Now that the cool weather is back, I'm really thinking of more baking and cooking. I've been working on drying and freezing garden produce and wishing I had lots more to put up LOL. Definately thinking about getting my cold frames built so I can start growing things. With the rain the ground should be soft again for digging.

BTW, it's Talk Like a Pirate Day, so ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So get yer pirate name here! Mine is Jarring Dizzy-Eyed Minnow ARRRRHHHHH!!!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Serious ketchup time

I'm a bad blogger, I haven't written in a week. Bad me :D

So, what's up. KiKi is back in the e-collar as of this morning. She had been healing up nicely and this morning I noticed she'd scratched the scab off and was bleeding she'd scratched so hard. So on went the collar and some triple antibiotic ointment. She is not a happy camper again, but it's her own danged fault.

We had found a tick on Nicky a week ago, so he got the last dose of the Hartz flea and tick once a month stuff. Went to the store to get more for Rum Tum (and KiKi once she heals up) and discovered no one carries it anymore. Still have to check Wally World (blech!), but I have to double check I think I read on one of the cat groups Hartz was pressured into discontinuing their stuff for cats over 10 pounds. It looks like they've discontinued for all kitties. They still have plenty of stuff for dogs, but no kitties. The stuff you get from the vet and the pet stores is bloody expensive ($45 for a 3 month supply for 1 cat. Times that by 3). So Rum Tum got a flea and tick collar and he isn't happy. He promptly went next door to try and convince J to take it off hehehehehehe. She wouldn't oblige, so he's stuck with it. He's finally getting used to it. Next month Nicky will get his once the other stuff has worn off and with luck KiKi will be healed up enough for hers. In the meantime she's back to being an indoor kitty and we'll keep a close eye in case one gets transported in and finds her.

Finally got the rest of my veggie garden weeded. Discovered some onions had volunteered. I thought I'd only left a couple, but it looks like some multiplied. Planted basil seeds and garlic chive seeds. I also got some of the trellis mounted on the shed and planted my sugar peas. The last of the bean starts are now in the ground, I made space for them. A couple look like they didn't survive, but I have a couple more that sprouted in the pots that I'll need to move, so no biggie.

Baked a loaf of cracked wheat bread. Added a cup of cracked wheat to regular bread flour and it turned out yummy. Used honey so it has a nice sweet flavor. It should make nice hamburger buns.

Commited thistlecide yesterday, wandered around the lawn with my coffee and spray bottle of vinegar.

We hit Lewiston on Saturday for shopping, picked up a few things. Didn't need to buy meat, so that helped keep the grocery bill down. I do need to sit down and plan out the weeks meals and get better organized. Tonight I have alfredo chicken I'll serve with some rice pilaf stuff and veggies.

Managed to get the living room mostly decluttered, same with the kitchen. Need to finish a few spots in each one. Have to get the deck straightened up. We'd gotten our property tax statement and our assessment had more then doubled. So hubby called and they are sending an assessor out on Thursday to double check since we can't figure out why it was assess at about 4 grand last year and now over 10 grand. Outside of paintnig the deck with paint I scored from the recycling center, we have put any improvements into the place. Replaced stuff, but no improvements.

Speaking of bills, got one from my endo's office saying my insurance says they can't prove I'm covered. WTF?!?!?! They had no problems the last 3-4 times I was there, so now they can't prove I'm covered. BS! Blue Cross always seems to figure out a way to screw things up. Everytime hubby sees his doc at the Pullman office our insurance keeps trying to say she's an out of service provider. Took 6 months to clear up the last screw up. I think once I get this latest screw up taken care of I'm cancelling my next endo appointment in Novenmber. I am more than happy to keep going to my regular doc for my care for the Graves' and since the endo couldn't seem to remember when I told him 3-4 times I'd already reduced my dose of the med and writes me to tell me to reduce it to where I already reduced it to. I hate docs who refuse to listen. I think he hates informed patients.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Other stuff

Besides the aformentioned fun with plumbing, I did manage to get other stuff done. I finally got several more inverted pots done and now have the extra bush beans that sprouted in the pots hanging up and even managed to get the trim on the porch roof nailed back down (having to commit chemical warfare on a few yellowjacket nests in the process). Not too mention several loads of laundry done.

I still have to finish the sink, I need to run a bead of chaulking undeneath to seal it and tack it down (the only thing holding the sink up is the counter since I ended up taking all the bracket strips off (what I'm cutting in the one pic).

Brined and processed 2 packages of boneless, skinless chicken breasts I got for a $1.89 a pound at Winco. So I have a 3 freezer bags of dump chicken (a ranch, a fajita and an alfredo) and 3 packages of plain chicken breasts in the freezer.

Hubby discovered our car mechanic is also a small engine mechanic, so we'll haul the self-propelled lawnmower I inherited from my dad over to be worked on. L thinks the rings need replacing from hubby's description of how the darned thing blew oil across the driveway last year when I fired it up. Once we get it fixed I can start mowing the lawn myself (right now we pay our one neighbor to do it for me).

The elderly lady around the corner who took care of all the neighborhood strays (kitties who people moved and left and kitties who people dropped off thinking, oh lots of country people there, they'll take in the cats we don't want anymore. GRRRRRRRR) had to go to a nursing home as her health had deteriorated to the point it was too dangerous for her to live alone. So her daughter had a yard sale to get rid of a lot of stuff and make a little money towards E's care. So we popped over and since it was for E, hubby resisted his usual habit of seriously dickering and we paid what was asked. Even then we still scored some bargans. I got a nice wheelbarrow for $5, along with a Presto electric griddle with thermostat for $5 also. We even got a cool bar lamp with bar implements like an ice tong, fancy church key and such that hang off of it for about $4. I also got a bunch of nice loaf pans and we also scored a nice corded drill. Just need to replace the cord ont he drill. We have several cordless drills, but there are times we need a corded one for more power. There were a number of travel trunks and some furniture I would have loved to have had, but we didn't have the roo. There was a great console stero unit, but I had no place to put it. It had an 8 track player in it :D I was a good girl and DIDN'T look at the china cabinet and I closed my eyes and bypassed the complete set of Corelle for 10.

Introduced Rum Tum to catnip last night. He's not too sure about it yet. He also ended up in a tree again. There was an elderly dog who showed up late Sunday, we are hoping she lives down the road and wasn't dumped out our way. She was a very sweet puppy and wanted to be friendly with the cats, but they were having none of that. Rum Tum took one look at the dog and up the tree he went LOL. He finally came down 20 minutes later and I finally got him back into the house. The dog had wandered off by morning (tho I did set up a little bed on the porch just in case she didn't have a home nearby) and the kitties decided it was safe to go outside.

Got some steaks on sale at Safeway last night, I'll cook a couple up for dinner tonight and put the rest in the freezer. We did burgers and tater rounds last night. I tossed the tater rounds with olive oil and ranch dressing mix (my last packet, have to hit Cash and Carry this weekend and stock up on more) and then topped the burgers with some of the mexican cheese blend shredded cheese we got at Costco the last time in.